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It is with great joy that I greet you with the love of Jesus Christ! My name is Pastor Cory P. Pariseau.

Being a single father of 3 beautiful children and working a full time job on the weekends, I had to find a way to teach my children about the love of Jesus Christ. With lots of prayer, God brought this ministry into my life.

It seems that I have heard the call to serve God since I was a child. I have been a foster child living with many, many, different foster families and in 2 different children’s homes. I was found in a children’s home by my adoptive parents. I was 7 years old.

I am black and my adoptive parents are white. My family consisted of 18 kids of different races, backgrounds and ages when we were adopted. Dennis and Donna Pariseau took all of our troubled pasts and made us a family.

Mom (Donna) gave us the foundation in church and provided us the opportunity for education in a Christian school. Dennis (Dad) gave us his work ethics and skills to go out, work hard and make a living. Parenting, I’ve learned, is not easy. They did the best they could and shared with us all that God had given them.

We grew up on a farm in Southeastern Ohio. That provided a sanctuary for me to recover from all the sexual, physical and mental abuse I endured as a child. Most of the time Mom instinctively seemed to be guided to say and do the right things to get me through it. I feel I was blessed.

God always put people in my life at just the right time to keep me from going over the edge. A best friend, teacher, brother, sister or a word from a Preacher always kept me in line. As I became both an adult and a parent, I was not prepared for the challenges life would present (or so I thought). However, God cleared the way for me to hear his calling once again. I serve him by listening to his will rather than my own. It has never been completely easy.

One way I found support in being a single parent was through an organization called Parents Anonymous. I was nominated to their National Parent Leadership Team and served for years, which afforded me opportunities to fly all over the United States to speak to and meet with other parents with the same challenges. Over the years, I have been blessed to go to Washington, DC to talk with Senators, Congressmen and parents about this organization and how I’ve come to be the person and father I am today.

God has made a way for me to touch people through telling my life story, and I am truly blessed.

Pastor Cory was interviewed on WRFD, spreading the word about the ministries and the 2017 Love Thy Neighbor Event III. Praise the Lord! Listen using the links below.
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Pastor Pariseau speaks in various venues on a regular basis, including at meetings, trainings, conferences and workshops in Columbus, Ohio and across the United States. If you’d like for Pastor Pariseau to come speak to your church or group, please contact us and we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.