Partner Reports

Your help makes an incredible impact in our central Ohio community. What a wonderful God we serve! We are pleased to offer these reports to keep you up to date on our progress, projects and programs. Read available reports by selecting a link below.



Our 2022 goals are to feed and clothe as many folks as humanly possible and to be ready for the greater move of God as we prepare to build a community outreach center in our Franklinton area so that we may continue to serve our precious Columbus community.

Most of all, it’s about the one thing we have been called to do: share the love of Jesus Christ – through our actions as individuals and as a group. We believe this is the single most effective way to win souls.

We couldn’t do this without YOU. Thank you!

Healthy groceries and fresh produce are often a luxury that so many in this area can’t afford. Crossroads World Outreach Ministries strives to create and maintain partnerships that allow us to help families and individuals in this regard. All are welcome to the help we offer with open arms and hearts.

Many of the people that come through our doors are working people that simply can’t afford groceries after paying the bills. Some are even less fortunate and are often in need of weather-appropriate clothing, being homeless. Others may have medical and/or mental issues that make working, or even day-to-day living, difficult.

We see many families, as well as single moms and dads out here trying their best to provide healthy meals and decent clothing for growing children. And many senior citizens in this area seem to have a hard time stretching their budgets after paying for medications and bills. 

There are numerous other scenarios that apply; we could go on and on. The point being, the need for food and clothing, and the lack of available cash and resources to obtain them, does not discriminate. Whether young, old, working, unemployed, healthy or sick – all are equally hurting and in need. 

Do YOU want to help? You can! Please donate or volunteer.