A Note from the Pastor:
I am very passionate about what my friend Steve Herman is going through. He is a father, husband and a great friend to many.  My brother, Ernest Pariseau, had kidney disease. I watched him for many years on dialysis, and on the roller coaster of being put on and off the kidney donor list. My brother and Steve had this in common, so I ask you to please pray and consider helping by clicking on the link provided below. Thank you. 

Steve’s Story – Can YOU Help?

I have polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and was listed on the deceased donor kidney transplant list in April 2014 due to failing kidneys.  In early 2017 my kidney function reached life-threatening levels and I started on peritoneal dialysis. In 2014 the wait time on the list was about 4 years, so I was expecting a transplant within the next year or so. Unfortunately, my transplant coordinator recently told me that I should now expect to wait an additional 4-5 years for a list kidney.  This increased wait is due to a change in how kidneys are allocated and also due to the fact that the transplant list has grown much larger.

This is very bad news since dialysis does a very poor job of replacing kidney function. The estimated fatality rate for someone with my health factors (age, gender, etc.) is about 15-20% per year on dialysis, so it is like playing a game of Russian roulette every year on dialysis.  The 4-5 years of additional dialysis means that I have less than a 50% chance of actually staying alive long enough to receive a kidney from the deceased donor list. In this first year of dialysis, I have already experienced many severe health impacts including an aortic aneurysm, multiple abdominal hernias, gout, anemia and more. My top priority is to survive the next 7 years to see my kids through high school.

The chronic shortage of deceased donor kidneys means that the majority of kidneys at the hospital are now coming from living donors. My transplant coordinator strongly urged me to contact anyone who might consider a living donation due to the additional wait time and poor survival prospects.  The transplant center has streamlined and improved their living donation system, and they now do everything through the following website: http://www.uchealthlivingdonor.org

I realize that it is a pretty daunting thing to consider a living donation, but if you or someone you know would be interested to see if a donation is even a possibility (need to be a match or part of a paired donation to even be considered by the hospital), then please follow the link.

Thank you.